To work in partnership with county agencies to provide accurate, consistent, accessible, affordable, and comprehensive GIS data, GIS infrastructure, and GIS services to support the unique business needs of Cuyahoga County and the communities we serve.

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Welcome to the Cuyahoga County Geographical Information Systems Department


We now have 2013 Aerial Photography available! Please go to our GIS Data page for more information.

The Cuyahoga County Geographic Information Systems (CEGIS) Department manages and coordinates the use of GIS and its related technologies within Cuyahoga County. A GIS is defined as an advanced computer system capable of collecting, storing, viewing, and analyzing geographically referenced or spatial information. 'Geographically Referenced' or 'Spatial' simply means that the information can be viewed on a map and analyzed based on location and proximity. Examples of mapped places can  include an address, a property parcel, a named place such as a park or neighborhood, a census block, a zip code, or a city. By taking information stored in spreadsheets & tabular databases and displaying & analyzing it on a map, a GIS becomes a powerful tool that directly supports the specialized needs of practitioners engaged in, among many others, the following fields:

MyCuyahoga GIS

  • Community Planning
  • Courts and the legal system
  • Economic Development
  • Education
  • Emergency Management
  • Emergency Services/Communications
  • Engineering/Public Works
  • Health and Human Services
  • Justice Affairs
  • Law Enforcement
  • Public Utilities  

The Cuyahoga County Enterprise Geographical Information Systems (CEGIS) Department provides world-class mapping expertise, data, and applications for those who live and work in Cuyahoga County.  Operating within the Cuyahoga County Information Services Center (CCISC), our key goals are to:   
  • Increase efficiencies and effectiveness of spatial data and GIS applications
  • Provide a valued regional resource of spatial information and GIS expertise
  • Provide regional coordination of GIS use and development
  • Increase the ability of county agencies to meet their business needs.
  • Continue logical, enterprise-based and business-driven development of CEGIS data, applications, systems, and staff

Our long term goal is to create a regional GIS environment that supports the sharing of data, GIS services, and GIS applications among county departments, area governments, utilities, private businesses, and the public.

We are pleased to provide an online application called MyCuyahoga. This application is an interactive Geographical Information System (GIS) portal that gives county employees and citizens a new window into the County's operations. MyCuyahoga provides access to mapped information about where activities and projects are occurring. Citizens can access mapped information such as street maps, aerial imagery, parcel addresses, tax data, political boundaries, land use and much more.

Please use the MyCuyahoga application and feel free to send us your feedback, suggestions, and gripes about your experience. We’re always interested in knowing what you think about our work and its usefulness to you.